What should private resident’s rooms include?

When dreaming of a new Pearson, what should private rooms include? The Pearson Redevelopment Working Group (PRRG), made up of Pearson residents, are asking other Pearson residents to share their ideas.

This summer, PRRG came up with ideas about what new private rooms could include:

What should a Private Room for Pearson Residents looks like? This image describes a 16×20 foot room, with a bed and lift, private washroom, pocket doors, windows that open, controls for doors and heat, a small kitchen on wheels, and wheel-in closet

This image describes:

16×20 foot room. This would be enough room to move around
A bed and a lift above the bed
A small table or desk for writing, reading, or working
A comfortable chair for visitors
A private washroom
Pocket doors: doors to the closet and washroom slide open, instead of opening into the space. Pocket doors in the washroom save space and help eliminate the need to turn around in a wheelchair
Windows were very important. The windows should be able to open, and residents should be able to open them using controls at a good height
There should be controls for the heat and lights within easy reach
A small kitchen on wheels, with dishes and a microwave, means people could eat food or share it with visitors
A wheel-in closet would have storage for personal items
Lighting should be ambient lighting (like lamps on the wall) instead of one big overhead light. Lying under a big ceiling light or having fluorescent lighting was not as appealing as ambient lighting.
A walk around Pearson will show you a range of rooms. Many residents are at Pearson for long-term care, and this is their home. For many, the ideal room is a private room.