COVID-19 Precautions

Pearson is home to people with vulnerable health states. Some depend on ventilators to breathe. An outbreak of COVID-19 could be devastating here. We hope it doesn’t happen, and VCH is assuring us they are taking all the precautions necessary to prevent it from coming to GPC.

They are allowing immediate family members still to visit, thankfully, but to visit only their relative, and not to wander around the facility. We already have hand sanitizer by every door, and all visitors are reminded to stay away if they have any symptoms.

Temporary Visitation Guidelines have been established that limit visits to “essential visitors” only.  Essential visitors include compassionate visits for end-of-life, as well as visits that support resident care plans, such as assisting with feeding and/or mobility.

I have been emailing with residents who have email and will share the words of one resident: “very odd new reality.. thanks universe for the fine weather as going outside is sanity making and sanitary”

Keep calm and brave everyone…and wash your hands!