Community Kitchen

Shannon MixingA community kitchen is an event where a group of people get together to cook dinner together in a social atmosphere. After preparing the food, they sit down and share the meal. There are many benefits to a community kitchen that include new friends, new skills and new food experiences.

DABC’s CARMA program sponsors the Able Community Kitchen which meets once a month at George Pearson Centre, a residential care facility that is home for people with disabilities of all ages. The community kitchen brings together Pearson residents and community members to share food knowledge and meal preparation skills. For residents at George Pearson, it offers a rare opportunity to participate in the planning and preparation of their own meals and to experience the joy of sharing a meal with others. Apart from the community kitchen, Pearson residents’ daily meals are mass produced by the company contracted to provide food services to the facility, so residents have limited hospital style choices and solitary dining experiences.

During the growing season, the Able Community Kitchen receives fresh produce from the gardens just outside the building. This bounty of organic fruit and vegetables is provided by CARMA’s Farmers on 57th project, an urban agriculture initiative, which includes accessible community gardens.  Pearson residents who have garden plots also donate delicious fresh produce to the Community Kitchen.

Judy and Shannon cookingAble Community Kitchen cooks a different meal from scratch each month. The menu has included chili with garlic bread, BBQ, enchiladas, lasagna, cabbage un-rolls, breakfast for dinner, cheese and mushroom strata, coconut curry and even moose stew. Just about every meal includes a fresh kale salad from the gardens outside. Meals include soft textured options, as some people find that easier to eat. But always delicious! We have a easy-turn pepper grinder for freshly ground pepper. And Sriracha hot sauce is our must-have condiment for those craving a bit more spice.  Recipe link is posted below for Three Sisters Stew.

Community members are invited to dinner for a $3 – 5 donation. If you would like to join us for dinner or volunteer with us, email: gpccommunitykitchen at

Find more information about CARMA here.

Recipe for Three Sisters Stew.