George Pearson Centre is home to 114 residents and situated on 19 acres of green space. These lands will be under redevelopment soon. This redevelopment is an opportunity for dialogue about inclusive communities for people with disabilities. How can the redevelopment support current and future people with disabilities in striving for optimal health, quality of life, and maximum independence?

To ensure residents’ voices were heard during the redevelopment planning, the Pearson Residents’ Redevelopment Group (PRRG) was formed in 2012. The idea was that PRRG would help communicate between key decision makers and residents. The PRRG met regularly in the initial stages of redevelopment planning in 2012 and 2013.

In August 2016, the GPC Resident Council asked VCH to re-engage with residents directly. The result was an Engagement process that ran from Feb 2017-June 2017. Two reports and an FAQ were created from this process:

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