Resident Council Working Group on Redevelopment

The GPC Resident Council formed the Working Group on Redevelopment in June 2016. Resident Council felt that the residents’ voices were not being heard in the planning process.

In Sept 2016, the RC Working Group asked VCH to re-engage with residents and the result was a two part consultation process from Feb 2017 to June 2017. VCH hosted two open houses and ten neighbourhood information sessions (two in each of the five wards).

From these sessions as well as many individual interviews, two reports were created. They were presented to Resident Council for feedback, and subsequently sent to City Council. In general, residents who attended Resident Council felt the reports reflected their diverse perspectives.

The reports and FAQs can be downloaded here:

One driving concern behind this initiative was that the residential care model was no longer being offered to residents on the Pearson site. While some residents are looking forward to better supports and housing to live alone or with their partner, some residents prefer the model they are currently living in.

Residents cited the social aspect and sense of community and the many resources they can access without leaving home. Although a complex care building is planned for the site, Pearson residents are not being offered the choice to live there.This image depicts an illustrated elevation view of a new Pearson building