A Welcoming Entrance for Pearson

What is a welcoming entrance to Pearson?

The Pearson Residents’ Redevelopment Group would like to know what residents imagine a welcoming entrance would be. Some ideas from the summer are in this picture. They include:

Pearson Reception Area - redevelopment planning. This image has a picture of a reception desk with a greeter, a big window, a woman in a wheelchair greeting another woman with a child and dog, there is a cafe with two people drinking coffee and a welcome mat. There are directional signs. It is a cheerful and bright illustration.

  • A reception desk with a greeter
  • There is a community cafe where residents can meet people, and importantly people from the neighbourhood can come in. This can help build connections between Pearson and the community
  • There are clear directional signs
  • A big window and natural light, plants can thrive
  • Pets and children are welcome. In this picture a dog and a child are visiting.

What do you think about having pets and children in the picture? Pets, children and living things is part of the EDEN Alternative, an innovative philosophy of long-term care. The EDEN Alternative seeks to eliminate boredom, loneliness and helplessness by creating a vibrant environment for residents and staff.