New report: Visitability and Accessibility for the Pearson/Dogwood Redevelopment

The PRRG has issued a second report: Visitability and Accessibility for the Pearson/Dogwood Redevelopment. It is available for download here.

PRRG Report February 2013

An excerpt:

The Pearson Residents Redevelopment Group issued its first report in October 2012. Since that report, PRRG members participated at all four Vancouver Coastal Health sponsored Roundtables in November 2012. These Roundtables engaged over 120 organizations and individuals in envision– ing the future of the Pearson Dogwood site in terms of health services, community development, sustainability and housing.

PRRG members also participated at the City of Vancouver sponsored Open Houses in January and February 2013 where they met many of their neighbours to discuss their needs and ideas.

Using this concept, PRRG believes it is possible to realize the opportunities identified at the Roundtables:

The creation of new housing options where residents can live full lives integrated with their community
An opportunity for VCH to contribute to sustainable public funds for health care in an innovative way
A unique opportunity to envision a forward thinking, diverse neighbourhood where healthy living and health services are community priorities.
To read more about the PRRG’s unifying concept of Visitability and Accessibility for the Pearson/Dogwood Redevelopment, please download the report from here: