Goodbye, Jackie B.

Today we attended a memorial for a fine woman who had resided at Pearson since the 1980s – Jackie B.

It is usually the case that you learn something new about a person at their memorial. Sometimes you wish they were still here so you could talk to them about it. But you know that you can’t know everything about anyone, and we must accept that sometimes it’s after they are gone that you learn something new, and it’s another way to remember them.

I learned today that Jackie loved the beach and swimming in the ocean. She didn’t get to do much of that after her accident but she still loved it. It’s nice to know that about her.

One thing I know about her is that she loved sweet peas. She had a garden here at GPC and that’s mostly what she wanted to grow. Sweet peas have the most heavenly fragrance but they last only briefly once cut.

Jackie was a straight shooter with an excellent sense of humour.  We will miss her dearly.

Her obituary is here: