Pearson slowly shrinking

construction site with buildings in backgroundWe usually talk about growing community, and while we still do that, and the building hasn’t changed, the census of Pearson is shrinking. The first 44 residents moved out earlier this year, into housing in the community – namely Cambie Gardens, the first two apartment towers built on the corner of this site. There are single apartments as well as some 4-bedroom and 6-bedroom group apartments, managed by CONNECT Communities. Last week (November 2023) another 13 folks moved into Dogwood Care Home, which is operated by VCH and built mainly to replace the elders housing Dogwood Lodge, with some spaces open to Pearson residents. Residents choose different models of care and different ways of accessing resources depending on their personal preferences. Someone with a fragile health state and dependence on a ventilator may prefer to live in community, managing their own staff. Someone else who has more physical abilities and a more stable health state may prefer a long term facility. We believe that everyone has the right to decide their risk-taking comfort level and what is important to them. GPC now has around 60 individuals living here. Once the next 10 ventilated / trached residents move out from GPC to Dogwood, we will be just under 50 people, down from 115 residents at the beginning of 2021. It will feel very different.